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36 Chapters with 8 Terms Per Chapter = 288 Terms + their synonyms

Every Chapter includes:

  1. Definition and Part of Speech Activity
  2. Word Dissection Activity (Word Roots, Prefix/Suffix, Syllabification, Synonym/Antonym)
  3. Color-Coded Study Notecard Activity
  4. Scrambled Synonym Activity
  5. Sentence Completion Activity/Assessment
  6. Parts of Speech Assessment
  7. Vocabulary Quiz Assessment




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Terms Included:

  • aberration galvanize malicious debilitate
  • belittle hackneyed nomenclature eclectic
  • cache iconoclast obliterate fallacy
  • dearth jargon abstinence garbled
  • ebb kindle bequeath haphazard
  • facilitate labyrinth cacophony immaterial
  • judicious abstract garner pariah
  • lackluster bizarre hedonist quandary
  • marred cajole imminent raconteur
  • nonchalance decadence laconic acclaim
  • obscure efface meager blithe
  • painstaking fastidious obsolete callous
  • deference lampoon acquiesce gratuitous
  • effervescent meandering bombastic hierarchy
  • fervor officious capitulate impartial
  • garrulous parsimonious deflate lassitude
  • heretic querulous egregious meticulous
  • immutable rancor fitful opportunist
  • partisan delineate latent advocate
  • quixotic elucidate mitigate carping
  • raze flagrant opulent demeanor
  • admonish guile paucity elusive
  • buffoon homogeneous rebuff fledgling
  • capricious impassive sagacious gullible
  • hyperbole recalcitrant embellish recluse
  • imperturbable salutary forlorn sanction
  • laudable taciturn hypocritical tactless
  • morose aesthetic implausible unassailable
  • overt catalyst lethargic vacillate
  • peerless denunciation perceptive waive
  • affinity inadvertent undermine emulate
  • catharsis levity validation fortuitous
  • deprecate perfidy insurgent incipient
  • embroil redundant aggrandizement listless
  • formidable saturate caustic peripheral
  • hypothetical talon derogatory refurbish
  • savory alienate lucid ponderous
  • tangential celestial peruse withering
  • unequivocal desecrate rejuvenate zealous
  • venerate enervate scapegoat alleviate
  • whet furtive tawdry censure
  • zany incisive unethical despot
  • engender ungainly altruistic enhance
  • incongruous viable ambiguous enigma
  • extol respite chimerical piety
  • relegate zenith chronic relic
  • scoff aloof deter scrupulous
  • tedious chastise devious temerity
  • solemnly clairvoyant pique analogous
  • vicarious devoid remorse animosity
  • incontrovertible diatribe scrutinize clandestine
  • ambivalence ephemeral tenet clemency
  • ameliorate equanimity unobtrusive didactic
  • trepidation incorrigible vilify diffuse
  • equivocate tentative colloquial placid
  • esoteric unscathed diminution repugnant
  • indefatigable vindictive discerning sequester
  • placate anonymity eulogy terse
  • repudiate antagonism euphemism untenable
  • sectarian coalesce indigent virtuoso
  • antithesis rescind compatible conciliatory
  • commiserate serene dismantle disparage
  • disdain threadbare exacerbate disparity
  • evanescent urbane arduous exemplary
  • ingratiate vitriolic articulate expedient
  • plagiarize apocryphal composure innocuous
  • platitude assuage resilient disposition
  • residual concise sobriety expunge
  • skeptical disperse tirade insipid
  • thwart expedite voluminous augment
  • utopian inscrutable atrophy conspicuous
  • volatile pompous condone dissipated

Free Wordshop